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Cell phone video shows Arkansas cop pull his gun on a black driver 'for no reason'...

• https://www.dailymail.co.uk, By Chantalle Edmunds

Edrick Truitt told WREG he started filming the cop during the incident that happened in the parking lot of a Double Quick store in Helena–West Helena, Arkansas, early on Sunday morning.  

Truitt said he was meeting family members when another car pulled in front of him and he stopped to let the other car go by.

Truitt said he was trying to leave when police cars pulled up. He said he was afraid and started filming with his cell phone 'just in case.'   

Truitt's video shows an officer pulling a gun and ordering Truitt to turn off the car. But when Truitt moves his hands, the officer shouts to the other officers, 'He's got a gun.'

'Where?' Truitt shouts back.

'Shut the car off' the officer is heard to say. 

Truitt said the officer gave demands, but he didn't want to make even the slightest move and 'played it safe.'  

'He was like, "That's a failure to comply," but if I would have complied, I would have got killed,' Truitt told WREG.

The officer is heard telling Truitt to turn off the car and that he won't shoot him, adding that his body camera was on and filming.