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Conspiracy theorists suggest the REAL reason America banned Huawei was because...


Conspiracy theorists have argued, perhaps tongue in cheek, that the real reason for the U.S. trade ban on Huawei is the 'insane' digital zoom on the Chinese company's cell phone cameras.

The U.S. Commerce Department blocked Huawei Technologies from buying U.S. goods last week, saying the company assists Chinese state intelligence agencies and violated Iran sanctions.

Chinese diplomat Zhao Lijian, the deputy chief-of-mission at the Chinese embassy in Islamabad, responded by sharing a video on Twitter showing the Huawei P30 Pro's 50x digital zoom focusing on two boys playing Chinese chess in a park from many stories above.

'Why is Huawei making America tremble and go insane? Huawei's new phone camera's optical zoom is just insane,' Zhao wrote.