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Seven-foot-seven NBA hopeful Tacko Fall sets pre-draft records for height, wingspan...


NBA prospect Tacko Fall has yet to play in a professional game, but the enormous Senegalese center is already setting league records by measuring 7foot7 in sneakers at the NBA Draft combine in Chicago.

The combine records date back to 2000, by which point the league had already seen 7foot7 giants such as Manute Bol and George Muresan, so Fall won't be the NBA's tallest player next season. (Muresan is unofficially considered the tallest player as Bol was measured at slightly below 7foot7)

As far as the official all-time NBA Draft Combine measurements are concerned, Fall now ranks first for height with shoes (7foot7), wingspan (8 foot 2.25 inches), standing reach (10 foot 2.5 inches) and hand length (10.5 inches).

The 23-year-old former Central Florida star measured 7 foot 5.25 inches without shoes.

Fall was also the heaviest player at the combine at 288 pounds, but that is strictly due to his height and build. His body fat measured at just 6.8 percent.