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MORE PROOF: Illegal Border Crossers are Fueling the Measles Outbreak NOT Unvaccinated Americans


(Natural News) It's flying mostly under the radar due to the fake news media's capitulation to political correctness. But the ongoing southern border crisis, which Leftists insist doesn't actually exist, has been identified as one of the vectors driving the spread of measles throughout the United States.

According to authorities in the northern Mexico border state of Tamaulipas, children with measles, chickenpox, and "other illnesses" were recently detained after adults accompanying them had tried to sneak them into the U.S. on tractor-trailer trucks.

State officials in Mexico revealed that the children were crammed into the freight compartments of the tractor-trailer trucks, which had to be punctured in order to free these little ones, many of whom were determined to have infectious diseases like measles.

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