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The Real Reason Why Police Arrested This Grandmother for Bogus "Hashish" Charges…


For this grandmother, Disney didn't turn out to be the "Most Magical Place on Earth."

You may have seen this in the news this week…

A 69-year-old woman from North Carolina was arrested outside Disney World in Orlando after police found cannabidiol (CBD) oil in her purse.

The charge? Possession of hashish – a felony. But CBD oil isn't hashish. It has no intoxicating effects and is in fact completely legal.

After the woman spent 12 hours in jail, the "hashish" charges were dropped.

The episode goes to show just how backwards cannabis prohibition still is in the U.S.

Today, I'm going to show you why stories like this one are distracting people from a huge investment megatrend.

As you'll see, it's a trend that could disrupt over $4 trillion in global markets in the next few years…

Green Rush

The feds have been waging a war against cannabis for over 70 years.

And you know that, while we've made some progress over the past few years, there's still a long way to go to reach full legalization.

You may even remember the first time I put cannabis investing on your radar two years ago.

At the time, there were only dozens of publicly traded cannabis companies. Today, there are well over 200.

New ones seem to be popping up each week. Others are simply adding "cannabis" or cannabis-related words to their company names to tap into the green gold rush.

It's reminiscent of previous manias in crypto, uranium, and junior gold miners.

The truth is, most publicly traded cannabis companies are junk with abysmal financials. But despite their lack of business potential, many of these stocks have been soaring.

It brings to mind Doug Casey's saying that "when the wind blows even a turkey can fly."

That's why in recent months I've recommended closing out our more speculative cannabis positions… and locking in profits on others.