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Did You Write Your Bitcoin Obituary In Time?

•, by Jeffrey Tucker

This change is mostly traceable to the rise of specialized tokens filling various market needs, something very few could have predicted 5 years ago. 

If you are surprised to know any of this, you might have been reading too many obituaries from people who treat Bitcoin and all related products as a speculative mania rather than a fundamental innovation in information technology deserving of serious attention. Ironically, it's these same people who never stop inveighing against speculative manias in crypto – a technology only ten years old! – while ignoring the whole underlying value of a new and programmable system for managing ownership and flows of property titles.

To be sure, my data is selective. It excludes the wild December 2017 runup of all prices, a time when the lines at bitcoin ATMs were around the block. Buying at the top and holding would have been … regrettable.

You can read countless stories of how so many people have been suckered into a bubble and ruined their lives by investing in various crypto assets. People use this event as a way of saying that crypto is nothing but a shiny object signifying nothing.