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eBay to Accept Crypto? New York Adverts Hint at Huge Mainstream Breakthrough

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By CCN: eBay is readying support for "virtual currencies" and "digital collectables" if new promotional adverts are to be believed. Spotted at the Consensus conference in New York, the banners suggest eBay is about to enter the cryptocurrency arena in what would be a major mainstream breakthrough.

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Telegram channel Patrons of the Moon shares images of eBay's New York cryptocurrency advert.

"Virtual currency. It's happening on eBay"

The images, first leaked on Telegram channel @PatronsOfTheMoon, have yet to be to confirmed by eBay. But if they are legitimate, it could open up cryptocurrencies to 180 million active buyers.

The bidding marketplace may also be eying the digital collectables market, made famous by Cryptokitties in late 2017. The potential of digital collectables was made real by Ethereum, for the first time offering a platform for truly unique, one-of-a-kind digital assets.

As a hub for collectable items and auctions, eBay is a natural mainstream platform for the future of digital collectables.