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Lifestyle excellence in action: Tom Brady credits his success to healthy living

•, by: Lance D Johnson

 He will turn 42 years young just before the start of his 20th NFL season. At age 41, he led an underdog New England Patriots team to a wild overtime AFC Championship title win, before heading to Superbowl LIII, where he led a successful 4th quarter drive that capped his record-breaking, sixth Superbowl crown. Along the way, he remained poised under pressure, outwitted entire defenses, and outperformed a young MVP quarterback half his age.

Because Tom Brady has shown remarkable durability, discipline, and vitality on and off the field over several years, trainers around the National Football league should take notice and adopt his methods. What sets Tom Brady apart from other athletes is not luck; the secret to his success is found in the unique way he prepares his body and his mind. Tom Brady has been able to perform at such a high level for many years because he focuses on muscle pliability in his workout routines, instead of bulking up his body and shortening his muscles. He also focuses on maximizing cellular energy using a whole food, plant-based diet while mitigating foods that cause inflammation. What we allow into our body and mind has a huge impact on our performance over time, and Tom Brady is a shining example.