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If we lose WikiLeaks, we lose a whole stratum of freedom -- Pilger


One should not mistake what is happening to Assange for anything but the persecution of a man, who embarrassed the US by exposing to the public Washington's brutality in the Middle East, award-winning British journalist John Pilger told RT's Going Underground program.

"The United States has aroused the ire because what we are in the midst of is the world's greatest superpower struggling to maintain its dominance. Its information dominance, its technological dominance, its cultural dominance. And WikiLeaks has presented an extreme hurdle to this," he argued.

If we lose the Assanges – and there aren't many of them, a handful maybe and certainly no one like him – if we lose the WikiLeaks, then we lose a whole stratum of freedom. We stop questioning.

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Over $40,000 of Bitcoin donations has flowed in for Wikileaks, Amid Assange’s Arrest Source:

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If hate people, enjoy violating them, and want to get paid for doing it, who do you work for?