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Jussie Smollet Walks Away Without Any Charges! How Did This Happen?


Jussie Smollet has had all charges dropped, How in the world did this happen?

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I can tell you how this happened. Jussie was framed. When the police took the two brothers into custody they were not talking at all. Near the end of their questioning in let's say the 46th hour the investigators gave an update of the case to king maga in washington. Then suddenly in the 47th hour jussie became the target of the investigation. This meeting with king maga was reported on by fox news radio. Like it or not jussie is telling the truth no matter how hard that is to believe. I do not know the motivation of the two to attack a "friend" in the first place but they did just that and jussie played no role in the matter other than being a victim. That is why the case has been sealed....state secrets Feel free to email me if anyone wants to talk about this further. I am very familiar with the reports of the case.