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Poof Goes The Airgun

•, by Allan Weisbecker

 All you need see are the grabs showing the wall behind where the two main groups of 'bodies' lay. No bullet holes. Most, if not all the shots would have gone through bodies and hit the wall, not to even mention misses — his ammo was not hollow point or 'frangible' (exploding). I didn't bother to look up the specific type of weapon but it looked like a version of the AR-15. Doesn't matter.

On his way back to his car he supposedly head-shot a woman lying on the street. No splatter, just hair flying from the compressed air effect. Over all, no bullet holes, very little blood, blah blah. Maybe they'll doctor the footage later, make it look 'better.' I'm sure you guys will find many more problems with the footage.

What bothers me most is how many NZ officials (not to mention the actors) had to be in on this. Local cops, federals, the politicians, the press (of course) ,and so forth. Many, many people.

What do we do, folks? They keep doing this and the vast majority of the world's population keep buying it. I'm open to suggestions…

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I think maybe you just get half the story from msm and it does not add up so you go into false flag mode. You seem to be alone in your thought that this was not real. If you really believe this was just air then perhaps show where the tank was and figure out based on the size of the tank how many fake shots could have been taken. One would think that it would be easier to just use reloaded bullets that have only a small amount of powder rather than some air system. Also how do you account for those empty casings? There is far more evidence that shows this was real rather than fake. This being staged is very likely but real. It could be more beneficial to humanity to understand what effects this is having on the people there and think about the ways some in power may want to garner this same type of response to an event like this in the usa soon. Fact is that they do not mind shedding some blood in order to gain support for their gun control measures.