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Daredevil SKIS down Europe's tallest 'vertical' rock face and captures the stomach-churn

• Daily Mail

-Kilian Jornet, 31, is the first person to ski down the vertical Troll Wall in Norway

-The 'steep skier' planned his route for two years before conditions were perfect

-His Trolltindene mountain adventure took Kilian five hours and 40 minutes

For most a skiing holiday might involve a few runs down a gentle slope.

But for this self-defined 'lover of mountains' nothing but a vertical cliff edge would do.  

Kilian Jornet, 31, was the first person to ski down Europe's largest vertical scarp - Troll Wall in the Rauma Valley, Norway.

Almost a straight drop to the ground the steep skier spent two and a half hours skiing down the 5,500ft mountain - known as Europe's largest vertical scarp.