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Bannon Predicts 2019 Will Be "the most vitriolic year in American politics since...


Who can forget the hostility during the 2016 election? The battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump caused the ends of friendships, strained family relationships, and set the tone for an angry new "normal" in the United States. And Steve Bannon, who was in the thick of the fray, predicts that this next election will be even worse … and that the problems will start this year, in 2019.

If you're not familiar with Bannon, he was formerly the executive chairman of Breitbart News, a conservative news website (and many say it's not just conservative, but alt-right.) During the last election, Bannon left Breitbart to take on the role of chief executive of the Trump campaign. That role evolved into the position of chief strategist and senior counselor of the newly elected president.

Before we get any deeper into the article, let me preface it with the fact that I'm neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I was not satisfied with any of the candidates put forth during the previous election.  However, when Trump won, I vowed to cover all news about him fairly.

This article isn't really about politics, though. It's about people.

Recap of the 2016 election

The previous election saw Democrats and Republicans turn up the heat to an extent not seen in recent history. And the advent of social media made it so that you couldn't get away from the opinions of your friends, family members, and coworkers.

People passionately defended their chosen candidate and just as passionately bashed the opponent of their candidate. The 2016 election saw the releases of private emails from the Clinton campaign by Wikileaks, which were voraciously read by Clinton opponents and dismissed altogether by her supporters.  Scandal after scandal was released about both candidates and the term "fake news" was coined.

The election itself was a complete shock to many, myself included. I had fully expected to see Hillary Clinton win. The results had many calling for the end of the electoral college.

The heat didn't die down after Trump was elected. The days following the election were filled with riots, shock, and even schools canceling classes.

The United States has been harshly split down party lines ever since.

Steve Bannon says the next election will be even worse.

As bad as the previous election was for the morale of our country, Steve Bannon believes that the 2020 election will be even worse. He voiced his thoughts during an interview with CBS.