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If Truth Is Politicized, All Is Lost

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He has signed off on the coup against democracy in Venezuela, and he has placed all life at risk by pulling out of the INF treaty with Russia.  Putin has publicly announced that the consequences of Washington's reckless and irresponsible decision to junk the INF treaty will be the targeting of the missile sites in Europe and also of the American command and control centers. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/51130.htm  As I write there is nothing on the BBC or CNN websites or anywhere else in the US print and TV media about the President of Russia's clear statement.  Trump has allowed the crazed neocons to raise the likelihood of nuclear Armageddon to near certainty, and it has gone unreported by the presstitutes.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Right after WW2, there was no country in the world that could have stood against the USA with its ability to make and deliver atomic bombs. Why didn't the USA conquer the world back then? Because the USA isn't of that mindset. but other countries are. - The treaties are weakening the ISA, but strengthening other countries. If you want other countries to become so strong that they use their strength to destroy the USA, keep the treaties. If you want the USA to remain strong enough to maintain the peace which other countries are trying to destroy, destroy the treaties.