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Roger Ver attacks Bitcoin [BTC]; accuses the world's top cryptocurrency of "censorship'


The CEO of and outspoken advocate of Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Roger Ver has been known to launch bitter attacks against Bitcoin [BTC], in support of what according to him, is the true rendition of Satoshi's invention, Bitcoin Cash. On 12 February, he launched into yet another jibe at the top cryptocurrency on Twitter.

In a recent tweet, Ver, fondly known by some as Bitcoin Jesus, stated that Bitcoin is for those people who enjoy "censorship" and like to see "dissenting voices silenced." He added that the 18-month old product of the Bitcoin hardfork, Bitcoin Cash is the true cryptocurrency for "liberty, financial sovereignty and open discussions."

Ver's tweet, in its entirety read,

"If you enjoy censorship and having dissenting voices silenced, then BTC is the right crypto for you.
If you enjoy liberty, financial sovereignty, and open discussions, then Bitcoin Cash or just about anything other than BTC is the right crypto for you."

Last week, Bitcoin Jesus shared a November 2016 Medium post on Twitter, which highlighted the censorship ordeal of Bitcoin. The post was authored by a John Blocke, a pseudonymous parody of the famous English philosopher John Locke, and was titled, "A (brief and incomplete) history of censorship in /r/Bitcoin." In the article, Blocke highlighted several Reddit posts since 2015 which according to him, were examples of censorship within the BTC community.

Bitcoin Cash has been languishing in the sixth spot on the global coin ladder, being pushed down by the collective rise of EOS [EOS] and Litecoin [LTC]. The aforementioned two coins saw massive double-digit price increases at the end of the previous week and have since amassed a market cap lead of over $400 million against Ver's beloved BCH.

Even with Bitcoin Cash being looked down upon by the larger cryptoverse, the cryptocurrency's community has been highlighted by ChainBulletin in their recent study as being the most 'passionate.' As per the study, Bitcoin Cash's subreddit activity has surpassed other coins with an "activity score" of 115,676, ahead of well-known coin communities like that of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Roger Ver highlighted the same via Twitter, lauding the persistence of the community.