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This cartoon explains why Elon Musk thinks we're characters in a computer simulation. He might b

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This cartoon is about laying down the logic of the simulation argument.Understand it first, and then dismiss it - or, better yet, don't. It doesn't argue that we are necessarily in a simulation. It just says it's one of three possibilities for the future of humanity. Oxford University philosopher Nick Bostrom wrote the definitive paper on this, so we're essentially walking through his piece.

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Many of us know that if the nucleus of a hydrogen atom were enlarged to pin-point size, so that you could barely see it, that the electron would be zooming around it 100 feet away. What would be between them, the electron and the proton nucleus? Empty space. - Empty space (nothingness) is extremely more vast than material. Yet nobody knows (or is explaining) what it really is. - A hundred years ago, they would have called it the ether (aether), a substance that fills everything, yet is completely different than material, but interacts with material. Material is the simulation in the aether.