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Denver to vote on whether to decriminalize 'magic mushrooms'

• by Keith Coffman

The citizen-driven proposal, which election officials said this week reached the required number of signatures to be on the city's municipal ballot, would not legalize so-called "magic mushrooms," but rather make them a low priority for law enforcement, according to its language.

Decriminalize Denver, the group behind the ballot question, said the drug has medical benefits that could reduce psychological stress and opioid dependence.

"Nationally, Denver and the state of Colorado have represented the first movers in a revised understanding of the potential benefits of naturally-occurring psychoactive medicines," the group said on its website.

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Comment by Ed Price
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This is a trick. Do you want freedom? Don't do this, vote. - Does government come into your home and mess in a conversation you are having with your spouse, or anybody else in the privacy of your home? So, why not use drugs or anything else in the privacy of your home? Criminalized stuff has to do with two things: 1) injuring someone; 2) some aspects of how you act in public. All that this decriminalizing is doing is taking away your freedom to do what you want in the privacy of non-public places. It is moving us out of common law into civil law. It is being used as a money-making ploy for government. Get government out of your private life. Smoke what you want to smoke in the privacy of your own home, and sue government officials who do not respect your privacy.