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Globalist Koch Bros Show True Colors, Abandon Trump For Democrats In 2020


Trump's rise has forced the enemies of America to show themselves, and the Koch Brothers are at the top of the list.

The billionaire plutocratic Koch Brothers have been funding the Republican Party establishment for many decades to ensure that globalist trade deals were passed and illegal immigrants crossed the border. Their routine worked for a good long while, but a new Sheriff in town threatens their plotting.

Now that President Trump runs the show in the GOP, the Koch Brothers are showing their true colors and turning on the party that once buttered their bread. Because the gravy train is getting cut off, the Kochs are bailing on Trump for 2020 and hoping that the Democratic challenger will beat him so they can continue their ruthless profit-seeking enabled by special government privileges in the marketplace.

The Hill reports on these disgusting if not unsurprising developments:

"The powerful political network led by conservative billionaire Charles Koch is telling its donors it will not support President Trump in his 2020 reelection campaign, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

The Koch network will still support conservative candidates in statewide and congressional races while declining to endorse Trump, echoing its strategy from 2016, according to The Post.

Spokesman James Davis told The Post the network plans to make a "significant investment to support policy champions in Senate, House and state races, build broad-based policy coalitions, and to launch a major new initiative to fight poverty in America."

"This is where we can make the biggest difference for millions of Americans," he said."

The Koch Bros worked against the Republican Party during last year's crucial midterm elections as well. They poured money to support Democratic victory during the midterms and are expected to do so yet again throughout 2020.

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