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Docs Prove US Is Training UAE Pilots To Bomb Yemen As Pentagon Denies Involvement

•, By Tyler Durden

In fact they show that the repeated Pentagon line that the US is "not a participant in the civil war in Yemen nor are we supporting one side or the other," as was stated just last month by Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is a flat lie to shield the public from the truth.

The new government documents, obtained from Air Forces Central Command via FOIA and published days ago by national security reporter Nick Turse reveal the US has been training the Saudi-UAE coalition pilots conducting the air war over Yemen, which has resulted in tens of thousands of civilian deaths, as documented by the UN and other international monitoring organizations.

This even as the Pentagon attempted to appease Congressional critics last November by announcing it would cease aerial refueling of coalition aircraft conducting airstrikes in Yemen. It was further found out that due to "accounting errors" the fuel was being provided to the Saudis and Emirates free of charge, or rather it was being shouldered by the unknowing American taxpayer.