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Catholic student who was part of the MAGA hat-wearing crowd claims -

• By Leah Mcdonald

A student who was part of a school group accused of taunting an elderly Native American veteran claimed he approached the students for a 'publicity stunt'

Covington Catholic School attend the March for Life rally every year and that because they are all male, they like to get 'hyped up', the student said

In a letter the student said it was veteran Nathan Philips who approached them and 'has a history of claiming racial harassment'

He said the group did not partake in any physical or verbal abuse and did not chant 'build the wall' at the 64-year-old Omaha native 

He posted a video of Philips walking towards them and said it is unfair that his friend who came face-to-face with the veteran now faces expulsion from school  

The student posted a number of videos of a group of protesters shouting obscenities and racist abuse at one of the school's black students