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Bigamist faces jail after life with three wives is exposed

• Zhuang Pinghui

A man in eastern Jiangsu province who married three women in three years, fathered a child with each, and arranged for them all to live within a kilometre of each other has been taken to court after his "wives" discovered each other entified by his family name Zhang, the man married the first wife in Kunshan in 2015. He wed the second wife in his hometown in Henan province, and the third in her hometown in Anhui province. The crime went undetected as the civil affairs authorities of these provinces did not share a database, the Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation reported. Zhang made tens of thousands of yuan a month when the property business was booming and provided for all his three "families", the report said. Both the second and the third wife met Zhang when they were looking for property. He arranged for them to live within a one kilometre radius and managed to spend time with each while pretending to travel for work. This way, he managed to juggle three relationshi