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Adiabatic Quantum ComputerD-Wave Hybrid for Open Source Quantum Computing Workflow

D-Wave Systems announced a developer preview of D-Wave Hybrid™, a simple, open-source hybrid workflow platform for building and running quantum-classical hybrid applications. D-Wave Hybrid will become part of the Ocean software development kit within D-Wave's Leap™ Quantum Application Environment (QAE) …

Adiabatic Quantum ComputerFuture of Quantum Computing from Giant and Pioneer in the field

Seth Lloyd contributed a lot of the basic science and theory of a lot of Quantum computing. Seth developed the design of adiabatic computing in 2002 which was implemented by D-Wave Systems in 2006 and continues to be a growing … 

Adiabatic Quantum ComputerDwave Quantum machine goes in search of the Higgs boson

D-Wave system shows quantum computers can learn to detect particle signatures in mountains of data, but doesn't outpace conventional methods — yet. A team has shown that a quantum circuit can learn to sift through reams of data from atom-smashing …