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Let's Strive for Liberty!


While Republicans and Democrats debate who won the elections, we libertarians are certain of one thing: regardless of the political makeup of Congress, the federal government will continue destroying our freedom. That's because the welfare-warfare state system that provides those people with their power and largess is antithetical to the principles of a genuinely free society.

We libertarians have two choices: (1) surrender and resign ourselves to being welfare-warfare serfs whose purpose in life is to serve the state; or (2) continue striving like hell for our freedom.

I can't tell you that our chances for success are great. But one thing is certain: if we choose to give up, our chance of success automatically drops to zero. Here at The Future of Freedom Foundation, we choose to continue advancing the uncompromising case for freedom.

How do we do that? With truth and sound ideas on liberty. Your support of our work for the coming year enables us to spread the word, as we have this past year through such activities as our foreign-policy conference in Charleston with the Ron Paul Institute; our conference on the drug war in Atlanta at Spelman College, which is ranked as one of the nation's most prestigious historically black colleges; our weekly Internet show, The Libertarian Angle; speeches to Northwood University, the Libertarian Party of Tidewater, Virginia, the annual Porcfest event in New Hampshire, and the Institute for Humane Studies; interviews at The Joe Cristiano Show, the Scott Horton Show, the Ernie Hancock Show, and Ron Paul's Liberty Report; my appearance on a panel on the McCuistion Program in Dallas, which won a television broadcasting award for that show; our new video-podcast series: Straight Talk with Richard Ebeling, Freedom Frauds by James Bovard, and The JFK Assassination by Jacob Hornberger; the publication of James Bovard's new ebook, Freedom Frauds; the publication of our monthly journal, Future of Freedom, and our daily newsletter, FFF Daily; the maintenance and upgrade of our website; and the publication of our new calendar quote book, Freedom Daily.

Libertarian principles are right. They are moral. They are sound. Libertarianism is the only solution to the statist morass in which the United States and the rest of the world are mired.

Perpetual crises and chaos arising from socialist and interventionist programs. The false belief among all too many Americans that the welfare-warfare state way of life constitutes a free society. Increasing despair among people, reflected by increasing suicide rates, even among young people. Death and suffering produced by federal programs. Unexplainable mass killings. Pipe bombs. Rage and hatred across society. A racist and bigoted drug war. Nasty incivilities among Americans. Out-of-control spending and debt. Assassination. Torture. Indefinite detention. Denial of due process of law and trial by jury. Partnerships with brutal dictatorships. Trade wars. Sanctions and embargoes. Never-ending wars and occupations. All managed by a massive welfare-warfare state bureaucracy that is destroying our lives, fortunes, and liberty.