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After Cheerful Young Walmart Cashier Pays for Stranger's $110 Grocery Bill, Community ...


A 19-year-old Walmart cashier was more than happy to pick up the tab for a distressed woman who was unable to pay for her groceries – so his community decided to thank him for his kindness.

The young man's good deed was captured by Laci Simms, another shopper who was waiting to check out from the store in Princeton, Texas.

A woman ahead of Simms became frantic when she realized that she did not have enough money to pay for her $110 grocery bill – but her cashier, John Lopez Jr. volunteered to pick up the tab.

Simms was so impressed by his kindness, she snapped a picture of the youth and posted it to Facebook – although this is apparently not the first time that John has inspired his customers.

"I just witnessed this 'kid' pay for a cart of merchandise for a woman in obvious distress about her inability to pay," wrote Simms. "She was a few people ahead of us and when she had trouble paying her bill, he stepped in and told her if she'd wait, he would pay her total. Ya'll, it was $110 dollars!"

"If you have never had the pleasure of going through John's checkout line at the Princeton Walmart, please seek him out on your next visit," added Simms. "He is always singing, upbeat, courteous, joyful and efficient.

"He just renewed my faith in humanity and the generation we are raising! Everyone share this so the world knows what a blessing John is to our community!"

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