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The Elephant In The Parlor

•, by L. Neil Smith

I point this out because I want readers to understand how long I've been thinking about this subject.

From the very beginning, I noticed a glaring inconsistency or two in various arguments made by both sides about political issues involved in gun ownership. Basically, the socialists who call themselves Democrats (there are no Democrats any more) may lie their asses off during election seasons about their devout regard for the Second Amendment, but each year when votes are no longer on the line, they abandon their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic (i.e., themselves), and become more and more blatant about their insatiable desire (1) to pass crippling Jim Crow-like regulations on the individual right to own and carry weapons, (2) to find excuses to confiscate legally-possessed guns, even (3) to repeal the Second Amendment itself and strip every American of the physical means of self-defense.