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The Venezuelan Crypto Revolution - Venezuela Will NEVER Be The Same! (with Rod Ambrissi)


Josh Sigurdson talks with Rodrigo Ambrissi, a YouTuber with a lot of influence in the Dash community who is making videos for Dash Digital Cash in Portuguese. Rod recently published the documentary 'Venezuela And The Cryptocurrency Revolution' on YouTube showing the incredible influence decentralized cryptocurrency has had on Venezuela as the country falls further into hyperinflation due to vast printing of the Venezuelan Bolivar. People are simply disregarding Maduro's government and trading on the free market with competing currencies, most notably Dash. Maduro has answered this with the inefficient Petro Coin which is meant to rival decentralized cryptocurrencies, but who on Earth trusts a so-called crypto released by the same government and banking system that printing the Bolivar into nothing? This is the revolution/evolution we've been speaking of here at WAM! Individuals trading on the free market to put food on their family's table. It's crucial individuals break free from the centralized systems and do what they know personally is right. The centralized behemoths of the past are irrelevant as these massively innovative blockchain infrastructures create alternatives to essentially everything. We are starting to see the same things happen in Argentina. The solution will be decentralized and controlled by the individual demand of the populace. Freedom is on the horizon.