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Macron Dangles "Wealth Tax" Fix To Calm Yellow Vests Ahead Of Saturday Riots

• by Tyler Durdan

In other words; the average French citizen will still suffer from crippling taxes in the name of fighting climate change, but hey - the rich will feel the sting too. 

Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said all tax-related policies needed to be periodically evaluated and, if deemed not to be working, should be changed. He said the wealth tax could be reassessed in the autumn of 2019. -Reuters

"If a measure that we have taken, which is costing the public money, turns out not to be working, if it's not going well, we're not stupid - we would change it," said Griveaux. 

To be clear, a French government official has claimed Macron's administration is "not stupid" while said administration has also managed to guide France into a nationwide meltdown over ill-conceived tax policies. 

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