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Neil deGrasse Tyson the Bill Cosby of science? He drugged and raped ...


(Natural News) Celebrity scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, whose behavior increasingly resembles Bill Cosby, now stands accused of inappropriate sexual behavior as well as drugging and raping a female astronomy student at the University of Texas in Austin.

The date rape accusation dates back to 2014, and two new allegations against Tyson surfaced just last week, bringing new questions to light concerning Tyson's arrogance and Bill Cosby-like behavior.

As Newsweek reports:

The first allegation was made public in 2014. Tchiya Amet, who attended graduate school with Tyson. She said her experience with the media star left her traumatized for decades. She explained she had been friends with Tyson in the 1980s at University of Texas at Austin, and was at his apartment when he offered her something to drink. Amet said Tyson then drugged and raped her.

In a blog post, Tchiya Amet details what she says was a horrifying date rape that involved Neil Tyson drugging and raping her, Bill Cosby-style: