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Alternative energy sources to consider when SHTF

•, by: Zoey Sky

If you're already using solar panels to power your home, what about a backup source that can keep your loved ones warm during winter?

There are various types of energy sources that you can use when SHTF, but not all of them will suit a prepper, especially if you prefer to be your own engineer, mechanic, and maintenance man to maintain your independence in the event of societal collapse.

Below are five alternative energy sources that are sustainable and worth considering when you're preparing for a life post-SHTF. (h/t to

Bicycle generator

As the name suggests, a bicycle generator is an energy source that will run on old-fashioned "pedal power." Like a stationary exercise bicycle that remains anchored, the front wheel is the only moving part on a bicycle generator. The front wheel provides the power that will turn a generator flywheel.

A flywheel refers to a heavy wheel attached to a rotating shaft. The flywheel in a bicycle generator ensures that power is smoothly delivered from the motor to a machine.

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