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Mastercard Joins Soros In Sponsoring Terrorists Entering the United States


The globalist corporations are not even hiding their seething anti-American bias and disdain for the rule of law.

In an amazing admission of guilt, Mastercard has partnered with George Soros to provide material aid to the migrant invasion wave preparing to breach the territorial integrity of the United States.

No reasonable person is opposed to humanitarian aid for people in distress. However, we are not talking about legitimate refugees. Even the MSM is reporting that the people behind the strategically placed women and children are terrorists as they belong to groups such as ISIS, MS-13 et al. And now we see Mastercard joining international criminal George Soros in supporting these terrorists. And why exactly did Fox News ban Chris Farrell for daring to bring up the name of George Soros as being supportive of the migrant wave?

"The scissors came out today as we cut up our Mastercards".