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CNT bundle material for flywheels 40 times better than batteries

•, brian wang

These are ultralong (several centimeters) carbon nanotube fibers have been made into stronger bundles. The tensile strength of CNTBs (Carbon nanotube bundles) is at least 9–45 times that of other materials. If a more rigorous engineering definition is used, the tensile strength of macroscale CNTBs is still 5–24 times that of any other types of engineering fiber, indicating the extraordinary advantages of ultralong Carbon nanotubes in fabricating superstrong fibers.

A synchronous tightening and relaxing (STR) strategy improves the alignment of the carbon nanotubes to increase the strength.

Tsinghua University researchers are trying to get the fiber into mass production for use in military or other areas.

The material would be very useful for sports equipment, ballistic armor, aeronautics, astronautics and even space elevator.

If the material could be used in flywheels for energy storage the energy density would 40 times more than lithium-ion batteries. Electric cars with carbon nanotube bundle flywheels would have a range of 10,000 miles.

Super carbon nanotube bundle flywheels would likely first be used to provide bursts of power for railguns and combat lasers.