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A "Visibly Irritated" Macron Evades Question About Halting Saudi Weapon Sales

•, by Tyler Durden

Just days after Germany announced it was suspending arms sales to Saudi Arabia - just weeks after inking a $500 million weapons deal with Riyadh - while the outrage over Khashoggi's murder lingers, French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday was less enthused about following in the footsteps of his ideological icon, Angela Merkel, and refused to take questions about halting arms sales to Saudi Arabia despite Germany's calls on its European partners to follow its example and stop arms exports to the kingdom.

During a Tuesday visit to a naval defense show, journalists asked Macron whether France would follow Germany in halting weapons sales to Riyadh after it admitted to the death of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi in its consulate, to which the French president with the plunging approval rating was clearly triggered:

"This has nothing to do with what we're talking about. Nothing. So I won't answer that question. I'm sorry but as long as I'll be in office this is how it will be, whether people like it or not," he responded, visibly irritated according to Reuters.