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To Save Humanity, Stop Caring About So Many Problems

• The Daily Bell - Joe Jarvis

We all get annoyed by things. But when people broadcast what annoys them, they force everyone around them to share in their annoyance.

So then, not only do we feel annoyed by whatever naturally irks us, but we also are forced to feel annoyed by the other person's complaints.

By sharing their complaint with others, they have increased the overall annoyance of the group.

Instead of being annoyed for five minutes by my own problems, I am annoyed for ten minutes. Five minutes by the complaints I keep in my head, and five minutes by their complaints they force into my ears.

Society is Super Annoying…

There are a lot of problems in the world. You can't care about all of them.

And if you try, you will probably feel overwhelmed, depressed, and powerless.

Yet we rely on big centralized institutions like national media, national politics, and national monetary policy.

This produces the same result as our complaining acquaintances.

They force problems on all of us that really shouldn't affect 320 million Americans from coast to coast.

I'm sorry so many people got shot in Chicago. Sounds like a good reason not to live in Chicago. But if you do live in Chicago, I understand why you are concerned with gun violence.

But I don't live in Chicago. So keep your "solutions" the hell away from me in rural Florida.

It might sound like I am saying you shouldn't care about national or global problems.

But what I am really saying is, you should care about what you care about.

You shouldn't be forced to care about what other people care about.

Orphans, puppy-mills, polluted rivers, abusive priests, tsunamis, endangered animals, illiteracy, tropical diseases, crashing stocks, soaring housing costs, homeless people pooping on sidewalks…

Are you stressed yet?

All of these are great problems to tackle for the right people. But we don't all need to occupy ourselves with all these problems.