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Is There An October Surprise Looming Off the Coast of Venezuela?


Before one reads this article it is important to point one important fact about the BRICS vs. Western banking conflict. The Western banks in 1944 established the dollar as the reserve currency of the world in that all nations wanting to purchase oil had to first purchase the dollar before doing so. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, along with Iranian oil interests formed an oil coalition in which they sell oil for gold. These alliances will someday form the 2 side for World War III. Venezuelan oil interests are an important part of this struggle. To point out the seriousness of the moment, India and Russia, against the warning of the United States, just inked  $5 billion dollar missile deal.

The Emergency Message

What was behind the President's emergency message last week? I was sitting in a repair shop when the alert went off. The TV I was watching went to "test pattern" and the cell phones around me were blaring. Everyone was seemingly impacted except for me. What was the purpose?

The "Emergency Broadcast" With No Announced Objective

As if I don't have enough to be in a heightened state of paranoia, already, I thought it prudent to try and determine the real reason behind the test and here is what I found:

FEMA Region 10 is in a heightened state of alert. I spoke with a DHS operative and he is in a heightened state of alert. I have learned that all of So. CAL's FBI contingent is in a heightened state of alert as is the deployment of FBI assets in Chicago. However, I think the emergency broadcast drill has to do with World War III more than domestic issues. Below is a brief summary of events which would serve to justify the apparent anticipated state of emergency.