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Doug Casey on Why Somalia Shouldn't Have an Army

•, By Justin Spittler

But that's not the only thing that makes it "special." You see, Somalia is also one of the only countries that doesn't have an army.

Now, I couldn't decide if Somalia was better or worse off because of this. So, I called up Doug to get his take…

Justin: Somalia doesn't have an army. Is this a good thing or not, Doug?

Doug: I've spent a fair amount of time around Africa, but I haven't been to Somalia. So I can't make firsthand comments about the place. Neither can many other people—it's risky and dangerous to travel to Somalia, and it has few attractions.

All that most people know about Somalia is what they learned in the movie Black Hawk Downabout an episode in the pointless and catastrophic 1993 US intervention in their civil war.