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Art Exhibit in France Celebrates Bitcoin's 10th Anniversary with a Treasure Hunt


With the release of Bitcoin's whitepaper approaching its 10 year anniversary on October 31, artists from around the world are celebrating by hosting an art exhibition in France.

Open to the public on September 28, the Bitcoin Art (r)evolution exhibit runs until 8 October 5 in Paris, a city known for being the "City of Art" as it is home to some of the world's most renown museums and galleries.

The event organizer and French artist, Pascal Boyart, is eager to push forward the "Crypto Art'' initiative through merging the world of art and crypto together by gathering crypto-friendly artists from around the world to congregate in Paris.

The exhibition is designed to showcase the potential of crypto-currencies through symbolism and practice, and by illustrating the viable use-cases that Blockchain technology offers to the art industry.

A highlight for event-goers will be a treasure hunt to discover bitcoins that are hidden in plain sight throughout artworks. International artists such as Andy Bauch, Coin Artist, Josephine Bellini, and many more are expected to exhibit their work that crosses the chasm between art and cryptocurrencies. Artwork for sale can be purchased using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, or Ethereum.

Certifications of authenticity will be provided to all buyers of artwork, with certificates also being registered on Bitcoin's blockchain to demonstrate how blockchain's immutable characteristic can help combat forgery and counterfeit artwork, an issue that has cost the art industry millions of dollars to date.

Lorenzo Sconci, owner of Dubai-based Sconci Art Gallery, and CEO of crypto startup ArtWallet – a new blockchain-based ecosystem that records the provenance data of masterpieces on chain, and tokenizes masterpieces for them to be traded – expressed his thoughts on the upcoming exhibition and the "Crypto Art" movement:

"Without a doubt bitcoin and blockchain has been the biggest revolution over the past 10 years. As revolutions have shaped artistic expression throughout time, there is no doubt that crypto will accomplish the same.

This exhibition is a wonderful initiative – if not for art and its various forms, we would not possess the knowledge we have now of past history. This initiative will be fundamental in the "Crypto Art" movement as it will trace the beginning of how artists lived, interpreted, and synthesized the upcoming blockchain revolution."

It has been almost 10 years since Bitcoin was first introduced to the world and we are only now beginning to witness the full potential that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can offer to the world. The art industry will undoubtedly benefit from the integration of cryptocurrencies as the industry has remained largely stagnant throughout its processes and standards for several centuries now.

In the next decade, we may see the art industry shift towards greater levels of decentralization as intermediaries between artists and their audiences wishing to purchase artworks slowly fades away from the picture, all of which may be fuelled by the incoming "Crypto Art" movement.

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