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Antifa terrorists in Austin, Texas planning violent "paramilitary" attacks on patriots

•, by Isabelle Z.

According to a posting to the Facebook account for the Red Guards Austin, they'd like to see the formation of "paramilitary organizations," one of which specializes in fist fighting and the use of blunt weapons like flagpoles or axe handles. A second level would involve those who have undergone military training and would operate as the group's "soldiers."

The posting goes on to call for members to confront their enemies physically and ensure they are "bombarded from all sides."

The end of the post makes it clear that they are quite committed to their cause, and their words are frightening:

"On the basis of our principled united front work, fascists and their collaborators can be drowned out, run out, routed, beaten bloody, and even annihilated. These are our principles and we aim to hold them to the very finish."