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The Daily: McAfee's "Unhackable" Wallet Is Doomed, Coinbase Wants to Be Your ID


In today's edition of Bitcoin in Brief we cover stories about John McAfee refusing to acknowledge his "unhackable" wallet has been hacked after tinkerers were able to install Doom on the device, Coinbase wanting to become a verified identity service, and more.

McAfee Refuses to Acknowledge "Unhackable" Wallet Was Hacked

We recently reported that security researchers attacked the Bitfi wallet, which was said to be "unhackable" by its promoters like John McAfee, cracking it open and finding out it was nothing more than a cheap phone with the camera and SIM taken out. Well, now they also successfully sent signed transactions with the device, claiming a Bitfi bug bounty. And before that someone had even been able to demonstrate root control of the device by installing the classic video game Doom on it.