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Electron Cash Wallet Now Available for Basic Feature Phones


This past February reported on the firm Coingeek announcing funding the Electron Cash programming team. Since then, the bitcoin cash (BCH) centric wallet Electron Cash has seen a bunch of development with Coinshuffle integration, and a new iOS version of the wallet. Now another version of the Electron Cash wallet has launched which can run on basic feature phones (Nokia-style) adding more versatility to the BCH ecosystem.

Electron Cash Can Now be Installed on Nokia Style Feature Phones

Electron Cash Wallet Now Available for Basic Feature Phones

Last February the Electron Cash lead developer, Jonald Fyookball, announced the development team would be funded by the firm Coingeek, and Electron Cash would launch a bunch of new features over the course of the year. So far the team has launched a new iOS version of the wallet and added a Coinshuffle plugin to the client's desktop version. Now, this week the Electron Cash team has released a Java Micro-Edition of the wallet (J2ME) which makes the client available to feature phones much like the popular and less sophisticated Nokia phones.

"Electron Cash published a new wallet: The 'J2ME' version of Electron Cash. J2ME stands for Java Micro-Edition," the Electron Cash lead developer explained in an interview with the publication Coingeek.

With Electron Cash for J2ME, now users who only have access to basic 'feature phones' such as the Nokia 216 will still have access to a real Bitcoin Cash SPV wallet, with all the benefits that come with it, including controlling their own private keys and being able to restore their wallet from a mnemonic seed phrase.