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Secret Documents Reveal Monsanto's War on Cancer Scientists


It wasn't easy getting Farmer's videotaped testimony. Here's the backstory. When our legal team sent a process server to Farmer's home in St. Louis, to subpoena her testimony, Farmer was observed fleeing through a backyard fence. We had the block staked out and successfully served the summons.

But to spare her the risks of live testimony, Monsanto fought Farmer's subpoena to a standoff in Missouri's Supreme Court. Monsanto's stonewalling meant that our San Francisco jury saw only clips of Farmer's videotaped deposition taken by my colleague, Mike Miller of The Miller Firm.

The video shows Farmer emphatically denying that her role at the company was "protecting Roundup" (as opposed to protecting public health) until Miller confronted Farmer with her own email using those very words as her job description.