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Agenda 21 Alert: Canada to Impose Paris Treaty, Electricity Rates to Soar in 5 States

•, Grindall61

Canada is a signatory to the UN Paris climate treaty that mandates a cap-and-trade scheme, and Hydro One has imposed a 70% surcharge on its customers in Ontario. Their winter fuel bills quadrupled over a 10 year period. The 70% surcharge/ carbon tax is used to subsidize unreliable wind and solar power. The sale of Avista energy to Hydro One appears to be a backdoor effort to ensnare the Western states into cap-and-trade taxes and the Paris treaty that Trump rejected. If the sale goes through, Hydro One will control 13 dams that supply power to a large portion of the northwest and Angelo believes that they will try to shut down the dams to make the area unlivable in an Agenda 21 scheme to remove people from the landscape.