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"One of the world's premier law enforcement agencies"

• By Vin Suprynowicz

What remains to be seen is how much skullduggery they shoveled into the "Appendices" — which of course we, the taxpayers who so handsomely fund all these shenanigans, aren't allowed to see.

But just at first glance, it seems to me we've heard a lot, recently, about how the IG is allowed to place in such reports only "facts," not his own (or anyone else's) uncorroborated "opinions." Yet at page 497, here, Mr. Horowitz (or whoever rewrote this thing to make it "all nice") states "Through the collective efforts of generations of FBI employees, the FBI has developed and earned a reputation as one of the world's premier law enforcement agencies. The FBI has gained this reputation, in significant part, because of its professionalism, impartiality, non-political enforcement of the law, and adherence to detailed policies, practices, and norms."