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Newsbud Exclusive- "Emails, Servers & Pant Suits: Americas Two-Tiered Justice System!!"


It has heralded as a cornerstone from which the Republic was built. But is it true? Are all men created equal? Or, are some men more equal than others? Or, is equality just a political construct created by politicians to make governing people a more manageable task? In looking at how the elites are treated compared to the normal folk, it is undeniably clear that some men are definitely created more equal than others especially with regard to the law!

America has a two-tiered legal justice system where there is one set of rules for corporations, politicians and the rich and another for everybody else (Greenwald, 2009). The success rate in prosecuting corporations, politicians and the rich are extremely (Joly, 2017). The institutional framework, especially within large multinational corporations and government, makes it very difficult to prosecute individuals within these groups for most illicit activities (Joly, 2017). The existing legal system, statutes, procedures and supporting institutions are designed to prosecute average people and petty corruption (Joly, 2017). The American legal system is not designed to deal with the complexities associated with corporate criminal activity. Nor is it designed to deal with the obfuscation and interference created by governmental agencies associated with the prosecution of politicians. This was especial true in the recent high-profile case concerning Hillary Clinton's Email. This one case typifies the problems surrounding Americas two-tiered justice system.