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Where does the 'Canadian steel' come from?

• by Vin Suprynowicz

EXPLANATION of our current trade policies — they're there to argue, with a scripted list of "positions" all ready for the shouting) echo the Trudeau-Soros globalist line on "Canadian steel," I think I'll scream.

"How can you claim it somehow endangers America's 'national security' to import low-priced Canadian steel?" goes the lisping, now familiar siren song. "After all, Canada is one of our oldest, most reliable allies," blah bah blah.

OK, are you ready? Read this very slowly, if you seem to be having trouble absorbing it: There IS VIRTUALLY NO CANADIAN STEEL!

Yes, Canada still produces small quantities of what they call steel "specialty products." But check any list of the world's top steel producers. China dominates, producing 800 million metric tons a year. Japan (104) India (101), the United States (81) and Russia (71) follow. Canada (rolling out a mere 13.7 million tons) ranks SEVENTEENTH, behind Taiwan, Iran and Spain — barely ahead of Belgium, Holland and Slovakia.

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