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The Reason Why The Euro Was Created, In One Chart

• by Tyler Durden

 - if coyly for the time being - bringing up the thorny issue of currency redenomination within the Eurozone, and by implication the failure of the euro and its reversion back to its constituent currencies, we thought it would be a good idea to remind readers why the euro exists in the first place. The briefest possible answer: to make sure the Deutsche Mark does not.

As presented in the chart below - which shows the performance for each of the EU12 countries against the German DEM in every decade from the 1950s to the start of the Euro in 1999 - apart from a small revaluation of core countries in the 1990s, every country devalued to Germany in every decade between the 1950s and the start of the Euro. Said otherwise, the Deutsche Mark appreciated in value against all of its European peers for 5 consecutive decades, a condition which if left unchanged, would have led to an economic and trade crisis.

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