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Bitcoin Addicts Crave Risk, Excitement, Escape


Corner those experienced within cryptocurrency's ecosystem, and they'll admit something akin to addicts exist. That fine line between obsession and irrational exuberance is probably best exemplified in wild price fluxuations, furious buying and selling. At least one historic county in Scotland, Peeblesshire (Siorrachd nam Pùballan), believes they've identified bitcoin addicts, and are beginning to treat them in the same manner as those with similar attractions to gambling.

Bitcoin Addicts Crave Risk, Excitement, Escape

Castle Craig Hospital

Bitcoin Addicts are a Thing in Scotland

Crypto addicts could do worse, and that's for sure: Scotland's Castle Craig Hospital addiction treatment center is a bucolic, sprawling campus seemingly designed to induce calm and reflection. It's also home to a first of sorts, according to regional press: a concentrated program set to dealing with a growing phenomenon, cryptocurrency addiction.