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Police Allege Mice Ate Half A Ton Of "Missing" Weed


Over half a ton of cannabis was found to be missing from a police warehouse in the town of Pilar, about 50 miles outside of the Argentine capital city of Buenos Aires.

While the eight Argentinian cops claimed that mice had eaten it, and surprisingly mice eat cannabis a lot more often than one might think, forensic investigators report that they checked out the scene and found no evidence that the mice consumed the missing weed.

The cannabis disappearance was first noticed during an inspection on the warehouse, where it had only been in storage for two years. Out of the 6,000 kilograms of cannabis that had been documented and stored there, only 5,460 kilos were found. That means 540 kilograms of weed were missing. It sure would take a lot of mice to eat hundreds of kilos of cannabis, and that sure is a gigantic warehouse.

It was noted to be suspicious that Javier Specia, the city's former police commissioner had left that inventory for impounded cannabis unsigned, unrecognized when he left his post in April of 2017.

The missing weed was noticed by commissioner Emilio Portero, the man's replacement and so he notified authorities who came to perform an inspection on the warehouse.

The former employee Specia gave the same explanation as three of his peers and subordinates: that mice had eaten the entire missing 540 kilograms of weed. However, forensic experts presumably found no evidence of mice being in the facility, along with the obvious fact that it would take an extremely unusual number of rodents to accomplish such a feat.