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What Are We Doing? (by Randy Miller - Candidate for Arizona State Senate)

• Randy Miller

What are we doing?

By: Randy Miller

Date: May 2, 2018

The last 40 to 60 years, we have deteriorated from men and women governing based on law of the constitution, where everyone is equal in treatment and opportunity under law, to political parties governing based on ideology. Ideologies which change and grow more extreme as the struggle for each party to be in power grows more intense.

This struggle for power has forced upon us the people in office ignoring basic principles such as our freedoms and liberties, which is one of the basic precepts of the American dream, to restricting those freedoms and liberties to protect those ambitious politicians continued rise and hold in power.

We have to face some facts. Both parties are responsible for a nearly $22 trillion in debt. The U.S. dollar is no longer the global currency (Petro Dollar) thus eliminates the continued tool for funding our debt. There is a financial crisis, also created by the political parties, that was delayed only to be worse because our banks were not broken up into smaller entities, so now they are leveraged $100's of trillion in Derivatives you will be on the hook for. Every penny you put in the bank is no longer yours, it is an asset of the bank and that is what will be used, based on law, to repay their debts. We have global conflicts approaching our shores for the first time since the revolutionary war, thanks to years of open border policies and an influx of unknowns from Islamic countries around the world wishing us harm. Our power grid and other infrastructure are decades outdated and vulnerable to cyberattack, EMP's and natures attacks jeopardizing our security and way of life. We have a two-tiered justice system where that average person, you and I, are not treated the same under law as those in positions of power; this is tyranny. We have a Coup going on right now in front of us by the socialists' globalist left wanting to destroy the threat to their plan by taking down an elected president.

Because of government neglect and corruption, these failures jeopardize our national security and caused discontent among the people. So now, with outrageous propaganda on both sides, instead of addressing these serious issues, government leaders instill fear with a coincidental rash of mass shootings from people that "Slip" through the cracks of government, in an attempt to take your means of defending yourself from government; your weapons. Also, they attempt to limit your voice in social media and school campus if you disagree with them.

This is nothing short of an all-out assault on America and what we have stood for since our beginning. This is government leadership directing fear away from their intent and failures to other sources so they can take away any ability to defend against them when their failures come to full realization. Then it will be too late.

This threat isn't just in America, it is a global threat. Everything I mentioned above, just isn't here, it's in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa. Its financial, its political corruption, its religious, and its fear among the people, knowing something isn't right.

People must pay attention and get involved as a mass to intervene and stop the train wreck that is coming if we can.

Run for office, educate yourselves on these topics, challenge the positions of the politicians in office you know are wrong and turn off the TV. Stand up and be heard."