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U.S. Muslims Attempt To Storm Public Offices In 2018 To Combat Trump's Agenda


President Donald Trump shocked millions when he won higher office calling for stricter immigration controls, including a wall on the southern border as well as a possible Muslim ban. Trump may have won in spectacular fashion, but the backlash remains years later.

American Muslims are attempting to increase their representation in politics to combat what they feel is growing anger and resentment against their faith. The vast majority of them are running as Democrats, as noted by the Financial Times, and support open borders as well as a larger government safety net to assist their community.

One Islamic individual running for office is Fayaz Nawabi. He is running for the San Diego City Council on a platform that closely resembles that of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). He is a self-described unapologetic Muslim trying to embolden other believers of the Koran to become more outspoken and boisterous to combat the rise of right-wing populism throughout America.

"When you put someone in a corner and they're in survival mode, they have a tendency to come out and speak more prominently about their beliefs," Nawabi said.

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