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Stabbings Increase Despite UK Knife Crackdown. London Murders Surpass NYC


We hear so much about gun murders that it might surprise you to find out that London's murder rate has just surpassed New York City's so far in 2018.

But don't worry, their gun murder rate is still much lower. People are just getting stabbed to death.

That's one way to solve the gun crime problem. Great Britain has some of the toughest gun laws. Citizens are virtually banned from carrying a handgun for any reason. Although guns were still involved in three of the 12 murders that took place in London in March.

It is also illegal to carry a knife in the UK. And some lawmakers want to increase the jail sentence for being caught with a knife.

As usual, politicians become ever more authoritarian to combat violence. But violence is a symptom of larger problems. One of them is the government preventing individuals from protecting themselves–with guns, knives, or even their own fists.